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BB Spring - The Power Of Transformation 

Hi, my name is Sonia Lapaire

 Welcome to my virtual home

Let’s have some tea together!

Let's have some tea together

Thanks for popping by​...

​I am truly fascinated by 

people's talents and potential

and by our capability to turn things around given the opportunities

and am here to help you in any way I can so that you can make the most of your life

But by now wouldn’t it be also really great to have a nice conversation with your parents (your father or mother or the adult figure in your life) and feel that they really listen to you?

Well that is just what I love doing, helping adults (like you) to improve their relationship with their ageing parents.  So that they listen to one another differently before any terrible thing happens.

It took me decades to be able to have a proper conversation with my mother (without feeling so frustrated and bad about myself).  We didn’t really know each other and I didn’t feel heard and valued in any way.

But ouch! It hurt infinitely more to have discovered that I wasn’t a good listener to my own daughters because of the pain I caused them.

By now I have to say that I am an awesome listener in the making.

This is based on my 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren's rating from low to high listener, thanks to all I've learnt and to the steps I took. Now I look forward  to sharing with you and getting 5 stars for both of us!

It’s true there are so many things that can hold us back.  Among them unresolved issues with our parents can be very draining and affect other areas of our lives.

But it hasn’t to be that way as I discovered that... listening is the key to good communication and meaningful relationships.

 This is because it involves genuine interest in what the other person is saying which in turn makes him or her feel valued.

Up and stronger

Up and stronger

I'm an uplifting coach dedicating my time to make sure your life reaches the transformation you deserve. That your confidence muscles sustain the wonderful things waiting to happen in your life.

I love to listen to people (like you)...

...who became aware of the importance of sorting out their difficult relationship with their parents, on time to remove the stumbling blocks in their relationship, even when they read so many books or tried so many things, but without standing up for themselves and in harmony with their parents.

It’s also really rewarding to figure out a solution together, and of course to hear from the positive outcomes for them and their parents.  Definitively that is the most rewarding part of my job.

Because active listening is the key to open hearts!

More about me (at 3 and 3/4 and later at 40 and 3/4 (every little 3/4 counts until the very end!) 

The little one & the grown up one!

The little one & the grown up one!

I grew up in a house and a culture where children like me were, well… insignificant.

To think about talent or potential would have made lots of grown up laugh.

For as long as I remember I could see that there was something wrong with my society.

I later understood that it was an unjust society.  So much talent went untapped, potential unfulfilled and opportunities not given or taken.

What sustained me was my love for nature and dreams.

 Do you know, when you star gaze and wonder about the universe?

When you wish upon a star!

When you wish upon a star!

A dream then came true with the opportunity to study at university at 39!  From there on there was I a diligent student in political and social sciences and a curious counselling, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and coaching practitioner.  With still so much to learn and to give for the love I have for life.

...connecting the dots

What appears to be unconnected, my political, social and psychological interests took me to the heart human interaction, which starts at home between children and parents and expands to society.

Then by looking a little deeper I found that the essence of human interaction is the way we listen, communicate and relate to one another.

My work

The opportunity to evaluate the importance of listening between families members occurred when I worked for almost 10 years in a rehabilitation hospital with people hit by life changing events.

When talent and opportunities were put on hold and family lives shattered after life changing events.

Families with strong bonds find new coping strategies to hold on together

This is in sharp contrast to families using old coping strategies to mask resentment.  Because when they are put into a test they often aren't strong enough to hold on when life events hit hard.

But it hasn't to be that way

We can all choose to sort things out before we need it and that was what Paul, a client of mine, did: 

I've worked with Sonia when I thought it was too late to make up with my father. Together we found simple ways to deal with complex issues that benefited my mother as well. 

Paul  (43)

Sonia's approach is brilliant.  She really cares and helps you find practical solutions for the issue you are facing.  Working with her I have become a better person inside while more aware of the effects of my communication on others.

Felix  (27)

My approach ​

Involves proven areas of studies in the way we related to one another and the importance of a more harmonious life within ourselves and with others.

I can help you to improve and then transform your relationship with your ageing parents.

Let's have a dialogue, I would love to get to know you.  Walk a few steps together towards where you want to be in your relationship with your parents - like Paul who was in peace with his father before his dad's onset of Alzheimer.  A situation that will need all the family strengthen to go through it.

I am looking forward to listening to you.

Thank you so much for having read this page. You've made me think that you were listening to me and that feels really good.

Thanks for listening

Thanks for listening

Get in touch if you want to ask me anything.

I am here to listen to you.

Thank you,